Article published in Energies Journal: Daylight Management in Mediterranean Cities, when Shortage is Not the Issue

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Daylight Management in Mediterranean Cities: When Shortage is Not the Issue

New publication on the Open Access Energies journal!! This article focuses on the cases when shortage is not the issue in daylight management, such as in Mediterranean cities. The aim of the study is to analyze the light contrast between transition entrance areas and the urban outside in sunny conditions, when the visual system does not have enough time to adapt. To attain this objective, light data from five entrance spaces and their contiguous streets are analyzed and measured to conclude that interventions applied to urban areas and building pavements can improve visual adaptation in the transition zone.
Based on the research carried on by Judit Lopez-Besora during her PhD.
Part of the Project MUM – Mediterranean Urban Morphology characterization.
Authors: Judit Lopez-Besora, Glòria Serra-Coch, Helena Coch Roura and Antonio Isalgue

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