Smart Communities Symposium UPC-KEIO

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Smart Communities symposium UPC-KEIO. Towards the Next stage of Collaboration.

The First Smart Communities symposium seeks to act as a bridge towards the next stage of collaboration between UPC Barcelona and Keio University. In March 2016, the International workshop Fabrics brought together both universities for the first time through the collaboration of their students in a common challenge: the design of a shadow.

One year later, Keio and UPC met again in order to strenghten their bonds through this Smart Communities Symposium. Its main objective was the sharing and discussion of different research interests with the aim of building a common path to collaborate in the future.

This meeting included short presentations explaining the state of the art research at Keio University and UPC, together with round tables discussing disciplinary overlaps and possible future perspectives.

Participants: Helena Coch, Estanislao Roca, Carles Crosas, Darko Radovic, Akira Mita, Toshiharu Ikaga, Hiroto Kobayashi, Júdit Lopez, Miquel Martí, Mar Santamaria, Isabel Crespo, Jefferson Torres, Bruno Santana, Glòria Serra.


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