These are the resources provided by the research group AiEM for students, researchers and people interested in the field of architecture and energy to explore, with more available tools, this knowledge area.

Sky View Factor (SVF) map of Barcelona public spaceThe Sky View Factor is the portion of the sky visible from a given point. This map shows the SVF of both the public and semi-public space of Bacelona and the interiors of the blocks.

Lighting dimensioning. Autonomous learning tool for the dimensioning and evaluation of indoor natural lighting behavior by means of the calculation of flux.

Psychrometry in architectural environments: construction and measurement. Resource with theoretical explanation of the construction, description and practical use of the psychrometric abacus.

Psychrometry in architectural environments: examples of application. Resource with examples of practical application of the psychrometric abacus.

Psychrometric abacus. PDF

Stereographic Solar Chart. Resource with theoretical explanation of the construction of the stereographic solar chart.

Greenhouse effect. Resource with graphic theoretical explanation of the greenhouse effect phenomenon in architecture.

Climatic Dimensioning. Resource for climatic dimensioning by calculating Balance and Variability.

Lighting Dimensioning. Resource for sizing and checking the interior lighting behavior of a building by calculating point-to-point.

Acoustic dimensioning: emission and reverberation time. Resource with theoretical and applied application on the propagation of noise in the air and the calculations of acoustic immission and reverberation time for the built environment.

Acoustic dimensioning: audiogram. Resource for the practical application of the use of the audiogram and the evaluation of the phenomenon of sound diffraction in air.

Hearing. Tool for the calculation of the reverberation period and acoustic insulation of an architectural space.

Temperature. Self-learning resource for the study of temperature.

Terrain Modification. Self-learning resource for terrain modification.

Terrain Modification: excavations. Resource for terrain modification by creating excavations.

Terrain Modification: plataforms. Resource for modifying contours in a terrain by creating elevated platforms.

OCI files. Technical files for the design and calculation of building facilities.

Physical definition of the environment. Basics

Thermal physics. Notes

CBE Thermal Comfort Tool. Online tool to calculate thermal confort.

Heliodon. This site contains tools and applications, especially for architecture and urban projects, dealing with daylight, acoustics and, more generally, sensitive geometry.

TAREB. This site contains the EU project TAREB. It contains educational material complementing the core ad specilized modules selected from the European Master: Integration of Renewable Energies in buildings.

Podcast light and access spaces.  Podcast Ona Arquitectònica of the interview with Judit López about mediterranean light and access spaces in architecture.

EULEB. The project “EUropean high quality Low Energy Buildings”  provides information on existing public non-residential high quality and low energy buildings from all over Europe


Radiación Global, directa y difusa en Barcelona por meses. [AEMET 2012] Agencia Estatal de Meteorología, Atlas de Radiación Solar en España utilizando datos del SAF de Clima de EUMETSAT, AEMET, 158 pages, 2012. Available at: pdf [Accessed May 11, 2016].